Monday, April 18, 2016


Hello Happy Fly Chuckers,
Just got back from Sowbug Roundup 2016 in Mountain Home Arkansas. What a great time! As a fly tier, this was such a great time. I was invited to tie and it was an honor to tie along some of the finest tiers in the country. The trip down was nice, other then the flat tire after I was there. Two new front tires later, everything went well. I think I was the only Minnesotan down there, but I had a great cheering section from the Iowa HFFA group. I got a lot of great flies that I need to add to my collection and will post some of them here as I get them tied (along with the appropriate credit to the person who showed me).
One highlight was spending about an hour with Roxanne and Terry Wilson. I got one of his new creations and we talked about the Bully Spider (I have 3 dozen with rubber that is too short :-( lol). They would like to come up and be a part of Expo. I've started that ball rolling.
It was a great show for me! I met and started up a friendship with fellow realistic tier Mike Morphew from England (now living in Texas) and Expert Tier Chris Reeves from the UK.

***** Can't wait to go back next year !!!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2016 Great Waters Expo

Thanks to all those that helped at the 2016 Great Waters Expo. If anybody has pictures, please send them to me so I can add them to this blog. Again thanks to those that helped especially the tiers. We have a meeting this Saturday March 26 at Como Dockside Unfortunately I will not be able to make it. I will be on my way to Iowa for some rock hunting and to tie a little at the TU fundraiser.
Next week is the start of the Northwest Sports Show. Please email me ( if you would like to come and tie. Starts Wednesday and goes thru Sunday. I can use tiers throughout. You can Tie for yourself, you can tie to sell, and or you can tie for donations, what ever you want. Fun time anything goes. Even if you have talked to me already please email me again and let me know. I will be there Wednesday and Thursday after work and also day Friday thru Sunday. Let me know so I can get your names on the rooster for free admission (sorry you are on your own for parking:-(

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Good Bye Charlene

Last weekend I brought Charlene back home to Iowa. She is now with Ray Thys for a year. Good luck Ray. I know he will be a good caretaker for her. Charlene and I had a great year together and I was glad to be her caretaker and guardian for a year. I did a slide show about Charlene's adventures in Minnesota at the HFFA Banquet in Iowa this last weekend. I was a big hit! A special thanks needs to go out to the Fly Chucker group for making Charlene feel welcome for this last year. Here are some of the favorite slides.....
Scott honored to be with three legends (Charlene, Dave Whitlock and  Lefty Kreh)

Charlene sampling the trout at the Northwest Sports Show

Charlene "I call Shotgun!" as she sits in my dads seat.

Nothing beats ice cream after a hard morning of fishing

(I thought I killed Charlene)
I fell off this pole once and he put me back on it!

Ready for our Halloween party. Charlene went as Colonel Sanders!

Charlene with the Fly Chucker crew. I will miss you all.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Getting ready for the Shows!!

My son helped me make some Fly Display Boards. Now I'm ready for the shows.

This week will be open tying. I will make it for breakfast be will be unable to stay. My niece (in high school) made all state band and is playing tomorrow with the Minnesota Orchestra. Way Cool.

Couple of request.
If you are interested in tying at Greatwaters Expo Please let me know. They have limited tables and If the club takes one there would be four shifts of 4 hours each to fill (a 4 hour shift gets you in the show for free). Please let me know soon.
Also Brian (Lund's Fly Shop) is looking for instructional tiers for His expo in River Falls on March 2. He would like help working with simple tying instructions to people that are interested but never tied before.
Don't forget the River Falls F3T Fly Fishing Film Tour on March 11. Besides the Films He has lots to see. Buckets Raffles and presenters and booths. All his proceeds go to the KinniKinick Land Trust.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Charlene with the Group and "Just Eat Me" panfish fly

Thank you all for the Group Picture with Charlene. She is getting ready to make her way back home to Iowa. She has had a great time up in the frozen north. Especially with groups like the Fly Chuckers.

Next Week the Tie-Along will be one of my original panfish patterns "Just Eat Me". This throw back pattern go all the way back to the early 90's. It was a no name fly until Shirley wanted me to do it as a class fly at "The Fly Fishing Cabin" and I had to come up with a name. This was, and still is one of my favorite go-to flies. It is simple and quick to tie.
 "Just Eat Me"
 (original pattern by Scott Nordby)                            
Pattern Recipe:       
        Hook:           Mustad 3399 or equivalent, Size 8 - 14 
                              (I now prefer the Mustad 3366 size 8)
        Bead:           Gold Bead
        Thread:       6/0 Black
        Tail:             Chartreuse Marabou 
                             (original pattern was Yellow because there was no Chartreuse) 
        Tail Flash:  Pear Flashabou 
                             (the original pattern did not have Flashabou either.)
        Body:           Black Chenille
        Hackle:       Grizzly hen Hackle (Extra soft and limp)

Tying Process:
1.   Put the Bead on the Hook. Note: Most of the time you will have to pinch down the barb to get the bead on.
2.   Tie a thread base to the back at the point above the barb.
3.   Tail: Tie in one Marabou feather on top of the hook. Length should be about 2 times the length of the shank. Tie in a few pieces of Flashabou (only 4-6 pieces just enough for a little added flash). I try to get the Flashabou spread around the marabou. The flash should be a little bit shorter than the tail.
4.   Strip off a little bit of chenille from the end of the piece to expose the bare thread. Tie in the chenille by the bare thread. Wrap the Chenille forward to just behind the bead. Leave about 1 eye length distance behind bead. Trim off excess chenille and wrap excess down.
5.   Tie in Hackle and make 2 to 4 wraps.
6.   Tie off hackle, and make 3 half hitches behind the bead
7.   Whip Finishing may create to big of a collar between the bead and the hackle. The half hitches should be enough to secure this fly.
8.    Cement.

Fishing the Just Eat Me. This is a wet fly and should be fished below the surface with a slow somewhat jerky retrieve. The deeper you can get any fly for panfish the better chance you have of catching a big one. Bead Heads can also be fished like a small jig. You can tie this in any color combination that you like.  

Scott Nordby

Friday, January 22, 2016

Saturday Tie-Along is Bully's Bluegill Spider

Hello All you happy Fly Chuckers,
I know its late and last minute, but tomorrow we were thinking about doing the Bully's Bluegill Spider. I have been researching this and there are a lot of different variations. This is a fly I have never tied before. I know a lot of club members have and hopefully they will demonstrate their pattern tomorrow as well. The one I am going to do is the original as tied by Terry Wilson himself. There are two links below. The first one is a Video of Terry Wilson tying the fly. The second is a step-by-step PDF file of it. I did not get a chance to print this off at work.

I have enough materials for anyone who wants to tie it.
If you want to bring your own materials that is great.
We will be tying it in all Yellow as tied by Terry.
Pattern Recipe
Hook = Mustad 94840 size 10  (Mustad 3366 size 8 has the same shank length but gives a wider gap)
Thread = 6/0 color of your choice (you need to bring thread)
Weight = .020 lead wire (I have the wire and also lead-free for those who wish to use that)
Body = Yellow Chenille size medium (or what ever color you want. I will supply yellow)
Legs = Yellow Medium Round Rubber (or what ever color you want. I will supply yellow)
             I will bring other colors of rubber also!

Hope to see you all there.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sunny Chumb Saturday

We had a great gathering last Saturday. Hope to see all of you and hopefully more this coming Saturday.
This Saturdays TIE ALONG will feature "Scott's Sunny Chumb".
I will have enough material for anyone who wants to tie along.
Scott's Sunny Chumb
Hook = Mustad 3366 size 8
Thread = Black 6/0 or color to match
Eyes = black 2.4MM (small) bead chain eyes
Tails = Small or Fine Round Rubber (4 strands 1-1/4" long)
Rib = Micro Polar Chenille
Body/Head = Ultra Chenille (regular size)
Tie in 2.4MM bead chain eyes. Fold over rubber for tails in half over the thread.  (4 strands, small rubber, 1.25" long)
By folding the rubber over, you will create 8 tails.

wind in the rubber from behind the eyes to the bend. Pull the rubber tight as you wind back. when you let go the rubber will pull back against the windings and splay out. (separate the rubber after it is tied in to form tails)

Tie in a piece of micro polar chenille for the ribbing. Tie in the Ultra chenille from behind the eyes to the bend.
If you want a little thinner body, strip some fuzz off the end of the chenille and tie it right at the bend.

Wrap the Ultra Chenille forward and "Figure 8" thru the eyes. tie off behind the hook eye and trim off excess chenille. 

Palmer wrap the Micro Polar Chenille forward to behind the bead chain eyes. pull the polar chenille forward between the eyes and wrap it in. 

Trim off excess Micro Polar Chenille and continue wrapping in to form a neat head. Whip finish (or a few half hitches), I use head cement to secure the wraps from the tooth panfish. (as Paul Johnson says - "Go Fish!")
***** Original Pattern by Scott Nordby *****
I fish this all year long, but my favorite time is early spring. My favorite color is Red, but this year I did better on Chartreuse. Maybe the fish at the cabin are getting used to the red. No, actually the red worked very good but because we had a windy spring and a lot of ripply water, the chartreuse was easier to see disappear when the fish took it and set the hook.

Saw this on the web, way cool. I may have to get Bibs to wear and tie in when I go to Iowa :-)
Scott Nordby