Friday, April 7, 2017


Hello all you Happy Fly Chuckers,
Well it's said to say that we had our last Chucker meeting of the year. We had a good turn out. Got a picture but unfortunately it was after some had left.

MAY 21 2017
- Scott Weiss has a house on the lake (directions as we get closer)
- Scott has offered the use of his lake shore and picnic table for us to use for lunch.
- Lunch details are in the works
- I know it is early but if you could email me, I will start a list so we have some idea of how many people will be there.


JULY 15 2017
- Scott Nordby will be hosting the first Fly Chucker Summer BBQ and Tying event.
- My wife is away so I must play
- I will have tying tables set up in the garage (out side if weather permits)
- Tying in the morning 9-11:30
- Hamburgers on the grill starting at 12:30-2
- (also Turkey burgers and Veggie burgers, maybe a hot dog or two - no brats!)
- will be working on the menu as we get closer
- if it rains we will go to plan B (plan-B = same thing as plan-A but with a rain coat;-)
- please let me know if you can make this event so I can better plan

Still looking for someone to spear head this event!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Last meeting of the year

Calling all Fly Chuckers
Lets get together for one last meeting. I'm not sure if we have the room or not, but I think we should still meet. We can discuss a couple outings and wrap up this year.
Hope to see you Saturday!
I got this from Sowbug.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Chucker University

Hello All you Happy Fly Chuckers.
If you didn't get to watch Kevin tie last week you missed a real cool fly.

He is going to tie it this week again as a special treat for us all. I am posting a list of materials (I know late as usual) so if you want to bring some materials and tie along that would be great.

KUTA Fly Model A
Material list
*Hook = Gamakatsu B10S size 2/0
Thread = Fly Master+ (210 denier)
Body contains the following;
Grizzly Hackle
Palmer Chenille 
more Bucktail
Eyes = Stick on Eyes 5/16 - 3/8
* Mustad 3366 2/0 will substitute if needed. Size wise it is pretty close but the Gami hook is a much better hook. A lot Sharper. It is worth the money if you are tying flies for yourself. 
Also someone is missing a Small Hair Stacker Base - 
It's in my bag to bring along.
Hope to see you on Saturday.
On a good note, I want to give all the folks at Como Dockside a positive review. Over the last couple weeks they have done a super job understanding us and helping us to to our meeting on time. It was a rocky start but I'm proud of the effort they make for us. Thanks Como Dockside! We do appreciate what you do for us.
Scott Nordby

Friday, February 3, 2017

Pink Pookie Tie along

I know this is late and not much warning but;
Lisa Asked me to cut up some Tapered Chernobyl Ant bodies because she wanted to tie some Pink Pookies. She told me that this was one of Bruce Nelsons favorite flies. After some trial and error I found some cutter that will work very well.

I cut up a couple hundred bodies.
And I practiced so I think I can explain.
But we may have a guess tier to help teach us this fly.

Here is a material list. If you have some of the stuff please bring it. I should have enough to share if you don't have something.

Pink Pookie (by Dean and Dandy Reiner)
(Hatch Finders Fly Shop, Livingston Montana)

Dai Riki 320 size 10
* other options size 12 2x long nymph/streamer hook
* 1x dry fly
* Mustad 3366 size 8
**( I also cut a larger size that the 3366 size 6 and 9671 size 10 would work for)
Thread = 6/0 red or pink
Under Body = 2MM Light Pink Foam
Over Body/Wing Cover = 2mm Tan Foam
Wing = Elk or Dear Hair
Legs = Yellow Barred Centipede or Tarantu-leggs
* yellow medium rubber and black sharpie
Indicator = Orange Foam

** I have all the foam you could want!

Links to step-by step
Dandy Tying the Pink Pookie
This one is a nice step by step also.
A little different in how the hair is tied in. I like Dandy's method better though.

This is just a sample, lots and lots of vid's and step by steps.
Hope to see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Flies from Last Saturday

Here is a collection of flies tied at Chucker's last Saturday.

These are the foam cutter that I have. 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Beetles R Us

Doing some simple Beetles to fill some boxes on Saturday. (I should have plenty of material if you need some). Kevin asked me to bring my Foam Press down so I will have the press down there with the Beetle stamp. Let me know if you want me to bring any other stamps. You can bring your own foam or just let me know what color you want :-) (I have lots of foam).
** the step-by-step in attached to the email **

Pattern Recipe:  
Hook:             Dry fly size 10
Thread:           Black 6/0 Thread
Body:              2mm Black Fly Foam (Cross link craft foam)
Body Shape:   Cut foam with Fiver Road Creation Size 12 Beetle Body Cutter
Under Body:    Peacock Herl  (Ice Dub is also nice)
Legs:               Medium or Small Round Rubber (Black) about 1” long  
Indicator Post: Bright color 2mm Fly Foam (Cut 1/16 – 1/8 wide)

Link of the Week: -Curtis Fry and Cheech are some of the best and most initiative tiers out there. Great videos. They now have a brick and mortar store. If you find a pattern on the site it has links to all the materials, good prices too and stuff you won't find any other place. You should really subscribe to his youtube channel also 

Notes, Events, and News worthy:

HFFA Annual show in Iowa City  Feb 17-19  (more info at - HFFA SHOW)
Great Waters Expo Hamlin University  March 17-19  (more info at - GREATWATERS EXPO)
Sow Bug  in Mountain Home Arkansas March 23-25 (more info at - SOWBUG ROUNDUP)
IFFF Fair Livingston Montana  Aug 1 - 7  (more info at - IFFF FAIR)
Northwest Sports Show  Minneapolis Convention Center March - 23-26 (info at - NWSS )

Laughing Trout Fly Tying - Wednesday night at Wayzata American Legion  (Best group next to ours:-)  (more info at - LaughingTrout )
** Laughing Trout is inviting everyone to come to the next two meetings to tie flies for a great cause.  we will be tying flies to fill boxes for the Foster Program (more info at - Foster Fly Info )
R4F Fly Fishing Film Tour in River Falls WI  (more info at - R4F Film Tour )

News Worthy:
This year has a lot of events coming up and we need tiers. Please think about helping out tying at Great Waters Expo We will have 2 possibly 3 spots if we can get enough volunteers. I will have a sign up sheet at the meeting. Please talk to me if you have any questions. Same applies for tiers for the Northwest sports show. Unfortunately I will have to miss (first time in 23 years) since I will be at Sowbug!

Keep Your Base Wraps Tight - Scott