Sunday, January 15, 2017

Thank you, Money, and Phil (from Trevis)

Hi to those who braved the weather (??) and made it to the Fly Chuckers’ meeting this Saturday.  Where were the rest of you?  You missed out on Ernie playing the role of instructor, Laurie joining our group, and a “Ginger” waitperson who arranged the tables for us (or else).

Meat of this email:  Per my last update, we had $360 available in our "Treasury” as of the end of 2016. The January 7th meeting brought in an even $50 from the purchase of Curt Nordrum’s excess tying materials and Hugh Langevin’s excess tying material (courtesy of Ward), and the meeting today (January 14th) brought in an additional $32, bringing our total Treasury to $442, confirming the guesstimate of our Assistant Treasurer, John Gigler.

Ward has promised to bring in the last box of Hugh’s materials next week, and Brian is due to return with a box of Curt’s materials, so bring your spare cash when you pack your tying kits for next Saturday morning.  Also, per the last blog, Scott is issuing a Bass Worm challenge of sorts.

Finally, Phil Eldred, Member Emeritus, who is now in Nampa, Idaho, and who somewhat razzed me for fishing for trout with “belly-button lint”, has totally gone over to the dark side, fishing for Idaho, Oregon and Nevada trout, as shown by the attached pic of an 18” rainbow.  Not a bad fish! (He does admit to still chasing smallmouth on the Snake River, though.)

Bob Trevis

Phil Eldred with a nice 18" Rainbow.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Fly Chucker First Meeting of the Year

Hello All you Happy Fly Chuckers
I know it's getting late on a Friday night. But I wanted to get a post out.
Thank you all for being members of the Fly Chucker Goup. This is the greatest group I belong to! I don't mean to offend the other groups I belong to. If Laughing Trout was closer to my home it would be a tie with them. Fly Chuckers is a great mix of all things Fly Tying and Fly Fishing and you should all be proud that you represent this sport so well. Thanks Ernie for sharing your fly last week. I didn't put any fly together for this week so lets just have an open tie. Think about any flies that you want to tie as a group and we can put something together tomorrow for next week.

Tip of the week:
 - As I'm tying flies getting ready for up coming shows I came across something that I think will help a lot of you in your tying. Dryer Sheets to keep static in check. When cutting a lot of foam or working with a lot of Marabou, Static becomes your enemy. Keep a dryer sheet handy to wipe your hands or tools on. With foam, if you wipe the top and bottom of the foam sheet before you start cutting, it will help (NOT ELIMINATE) a lot of the static.

Fly Challenge of the Week:
 - If you remember last year, I had everyone bring in their version of a Timberwolf fly. I was thinking that maybe this would be a fun thing to do more often. I would estimate that most of you Chuckers only tie once or twice a week, but maybe this we get you behind the vise a little more in the winter months. So this challenge is for next week. Bring in your favorite Bass Worm pattern. Next week I will have materials to tie "Scott's Bass Worm" We have done this one before but it is a popular request. I have a lot of material (available for small donations) and will post the material list in case you want to bring your own stuff. I might have some stuff to tie one tomorrow (maybe).

Pictures for the blog: SEND ME PICTURES TO POST ON THE BLOG!!!!!!!!!
 - Think about taking pictures of the flies tied each week. maybe we can put one of each fly on a table and take a group picture to post.

See you all tomorrow hopefully.
Scott Nordby
Quote of the Week " May your bobbin not fray your thread"

This is my dad with his barn quilt he did for the front of the cabin!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Welcome to 2017

Hello Happy Fly Chuckers
Well it's 2017 and time for another year of fun and frolics with the Fly Chuckers Group.
As usual we will meet for breakfast at 8-9 at Como Dockside. Sometime after 9 we will retreat to the lower level tying emporium. You are welcome to bring your fly tying stuff if you want to tie. Maybe we can get Ernie to share his secret foam popper with us (I have plenty of hooks :-) The secret to this fly is the foam I will try to dig some up (Evezote works much better than craft foam). If you don't want to tie that is okay too. Bring stories to share. It's going to be cold so I don't think I'm going to bring the TV (but I might).

Hook = 33903 size 2
Thread = color to match Flymaster + or equivalent (to small of thread will cut foam)
Under Flash = 3 strands of Flashabou (folded over to make 6 strands)
Tail = Craft Fur (tie in, in two clumps)
Middle Flash = 3 strands of Krystal Flash (folded over to make 6 strands in in between craft fur clumps) 
Collar = Marabou
Support Foam = 1/8 Evazote Fly Foam (3/8" wide by 1-3/8" long)
Head weight = .030 lead wire approx 6 wraps
Head = 1/8 Evazote Fly Foam (cut into 1-1/4" wide strip then into equal lateral triangle)
 * Round off collar edge

Notes, Events, and News worthy:
HFFA Annual show in Iowa City  Feb 17-19  (more info at - HFFA SHOW)
Great Waters Expo Hamlin University  March 17-19  (more info at - GREATWATERS EXPO)
Sow Bug  in Mountain Home Arkansas March 23-25 (more info at - SOWBUG ROUNDUP)
IFFF Fair Livingston Montana  Aug 1 - 7  (more info at - IFFF FAIR)
Northwest Sports Show  Minneapolis Convention Center March - 23-26 (info at - NWSS )

Laughing Trout Fly Tying - Wednesday night at Wayzata American Legion  (Best group next to ours:-)  (more info at - LaughingTrout )
** Laughing Trout is inviting everyone to come to the next two meetings to tie flies for a great cause.  we will be tying flies to fill boxes for the Foster Program (more info at - Foster Fly Info )
R4F Fly Fishing Film Tour in River Falls WI  (more info at - R4F Film Tour )

News Worthy:
As the new years starts, please take a minute and think about all the moments that fill your life, and be thankful for what you have.
I am grateful to have such a wonderful group of friends, Happy New Year Fly Chuckers!!!!
Please pass this blog post on to others that you may thing would be interested.
Please look at the last post form out treasurer Bob (local celebrity) Trevis.

Keep Your Base Wraps Tight - Scott

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Our so-called Treasury

First, let me wish all of you a Merry and Peaceful Christmas!  And I look forward to seeing many of you in the New Year at Como Dockside.

At the December Chuckers gathering Curt Nordrum brought an assortment of fly-tying materials (and a spin-cast reel?) for Chuckers to paw through and make a free-will ($$$) purchase,  Some individuals gave me money, and some promised to pay next time.

Bottom line, as I reported last year, our Treasury was at $292 a year ago, and $40 came in from the sale of some of Phil Eldred's materials, and now another $28 came in this December from Curt's materials.  Thus our "Treasury" sits at $360 as of "year-end".

Brian Franzen has custody of Curt's materials box and will bring it to a January Chuckers meeting, so we will optimistically have a few more dollars added to the Treasury.

The question is:  What do we do with this money?  I am leaning towards a float on the St. Croix or Snake this June for smallmouth, with steaks afterwards.  At the very least, we can cover the cost of Subway sandwiches for a Kroon Lake panfish outing.

Would welcome a discussion.

Bob Trevis is preferred email.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Happy Holidays

Hello all you Happy Fly Chuckers!
Hope this is finding you all in good Health.
I now I haven't been on the ball with this all summer, but it's time to start posting again.
Kevin Kuta was able to get us back into the Como Dockside for this new season.
We are good for Saturday mornings from January 7th to April 1.
I also have him checking on our Early season planning meeting for Dec 10.
Dec 10 (Saturday morning) lets meet for Breakfast anyway as our kick off to the new year. I will let you know if we can tie down stairs or not.
I miss you all and look forward to seeing you all soon.
If you have any announcements that you want posted please forward them to me and I will get them up.

Upcoming events for 2017;
February 11 - Badger Spring Opener 2017 (Madison - one day show) (not sure if I'm going yet :-)
February 17-19 - HFFA Annual meeting and show (Iowa City)
    (Jay "Fishy" Fullum and Lori Ann Murphy Headliners that I know about )
(Not much on the website yet -
    (I got my room already but don't know if I'm tying yet or not, Sounds like volunteerism is down :-(
March 3 - FT3 in River Falls. A great time!
March 10-11 - Oregon Council for the 2017 Fly Tyer Expo in Albany, Oregon (
    (Still working on this one Paul Beckmann is going not sure who else. I'm still on the fence)
March 17-19 - Great Waters Expo (Hamline University)
March 23-25 - Sow Bug Roundup (Mountain Home Arkansas) (Got my invitation to tie!)
    (I leave on the 22 early (6 am ) or on the 21 after work and spend the night in Desmoines, come back on the 26 (12 hr - actually 11hr 54 min's :-) )
March 23-26 - Northwest Sports Show  (This will be the first show I have missed in 23 years :-(
July 20-23 - IFFF UMC Fly Fishing School (Rochester MN)
Aug 1-5 - IFFF Fair in Livingston Montana (I had a great time at the 2016 fair but won't make this one)

Local events;
Wednesday Nights - Laughing Trout Fly Tying. Wayzata American Legion
    ( different tie along and instruction every Wednesday (no meeting Nov 23) there are a lot fo Chuckers how are members and frequent Wednesday nights. Great Sliders !!)
Thursday Nights - St. Paul Fly Tiers. They meet at Guldens in Maplewood

Lots of reading so here are a couple pictures from Yellowstone. Hope to see you all on Dec 10.

Low water on the Yellowstone River (October level in August)

This counts because the Yellowstone river was warmer than usual :-)

Paul and Scott out at the Ranch

Henry Hoffman (Yes of Hoffman Hackles)!

Monday, April 18, 2016


Hello Happy Fly Chuckers,
Just got back from Sowbug Roundup 2016 in Mountain Home Arkansas. What a great time! As a fly tier, this was such a great time. I was invited to tie and it was an honor to tie along some of the finest tiers in the country. The trip down was nice, other then the flat tire after I was there. Two new front tires later, everything went well. I think I was the only Minnesotan down there, but I had a great cheering section from the Iowa HFFA group. I got a lot of great flies that I need to add to my collection and will post some of them here as I get them tied (along with the appropriate credit to the person who showed me).
One highlight was spending about an hour with Roxanne and Terry Wilson. I got one of his new creations and we talked about the Bully Spider (I have 3 dozen with rubber that is too short :-( lol). They would like to come up and be a part of Expo. I've started that ball rolling.
It was a great show for me! I met and started up a friendship with fellow realistic tier Mike Morphew from England (now living in Texas) and Expert Tier Chris Reeves from the UK.

***** Can't wait to go back next year !!!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2016 Great Waters Expo

Thanks to all those that helped at the 2016 Great Waters Expo. If anybody has pictures, please send them to me so I can add them to this blog. Again thanks to those that helped especially the tiers. We have a meeting this Saturday March 26 at Como Dockside Unfortunately I will not be able to make it. I will be on my way to Iowa for some rock hunting and to tie a little at the TU fundraiser.
Next week is the start of the Northwest Sports Show. Please email me ( if you would like to come and tie. Starts Wednesday and goes thru Sunday. I can use tiers throughout. You can Tie for yourself, you can tie to sell, and or you can tie for donations, what ever you want. Fun time anything goes. Even if you have talked to me already please email me again and let me know. I will be there Wednesday and Thursday after work and also day Friday thru Sunday. Let me know so I can get your names on the rooster for free admission (sorry you are on your own for parking:-(