Thursday, December 7, 2017


Just Eat Me  (Tied and picture by Scott Nordby)
Hook = Size 8 Wet Fly Hook (Mustad 3399)  ( 1X long if using a bead)
Weight= .025 Lead wire approx 12 wraps (on center)
Thread = Black  6/0
Tail = Yellow Marabou (add 4 – 6 strands of Flashabou)
Body = Black Medium Chenille
Hackle = Grizzly hackle (wet fly grade from hen neck or saddle)
Designed as a fly for panfish, there is no reason this would not entice a nice trout or two. Try some different colors also (trout Black tail).

I have been having some fun lately tying on a vintage vise that is identical to the vise I started on back in 1973. Herter’s sold this vise as a Model 18T for a whopping $.97, less than a buck. Many different companies sold this vise and put it in many different kits. Sadly I do not have my original vise but I was lucky enough to find one in the same kit I started with. That led me to my new “Addiction” of trying to find kits that use this same vise. So far I have a collection of 14 different kits with this same vise and one kit dates back to 1956 and some maybe older. I have collected some other vintage vises that I am eager to tie with also. 
The Vise is one of our most important tools with its main purpose of holding the hook. This was a very simple vise that barely held the hook. It did not turn, rotate, swing, or anything fancy. It barely even clamped to the table. A lot of my techniques came from using this vise. Because it didn’t hold the hook tight enough I had to support the fly and hook with my hand. My left hand rarely left the hook other to collect more material to add. This “Just Eat Me” fly is a special fly because it dates back to my early years of tying and I think is one of my first original fly creations. Like most patterns it has gotten a few tweaks thru the years. It now has a bead for weight and some flash in the tail. But don’t discount it with just lead wire for weight as a slow sinking fly for spring panfish. 

I will put a link to a step by step pdf when I get it done.
You can email me if you are waiting for one and want me to send it direct to you.
I have Laughing Trout party on Friday and am heading to Rivers falls for some free food at Lunds Fly Shop on Saturday. Hopefully I can get some time on Sunday to do the PDF.
Email Scott at

Saturday, August 5, 2017


I have been asked to do another "TALES FROM THE VISE" for the HFFA Flyline news letter. So here it is, hope you enjoy. (Step by Step link at the end)

It might be a little early to consider this fall fishing, but it is coming up on us fast.  Fish have been poked and prodded all spring and summer, and are pretty wary but now. So fooling a fish right now can be awful rewarding. One thing is for certain, and that is the fish are still hungry and still want to eat. All be it that they are more selective, your job is to give them something they want to eat. And nothing says full meal deal like a big juice Beetle! This is a favorite of mine. It has fooled many a fish. It is a fun and easy fly to tie. If you do not have a Beetle body cutter, no problem you can easily cut your own with a little practice. Making your herl body bullet proof is the big tip I want to share. Tie in 4 or 5 stands of herl by the tips on the near side of the hook (from 2 eye lengths back behind the eye to the bend). Now make a dubbing loop slightly longer than the herl. The dubbing loop must be tied at the same place you finished tying in the herl at. Now gently wrap the thread dubbing loop around the herl, 5-8 wraps should do. Now take a hackle pliers (I prefer the test clip style for this) and grab the herl and thread together. Now start twisting the herl and thread to form a “chenille like” rope of herl. Once you are satisfied with the look and density of your herl chenille, you can wrap your body. The thread in the herl rope will make this indestructible. No need to counter wrap a rib here. Use this technique anywhere you want nice looking, bullet proof herl.          

Foam Beetle  (Tied and picture by Scott Nordby)
Hook = Size 10 Dry fly (size 12-16 for the light appetites)
Thread = Black  6/0
Under Body = Peacock Herl
Over Body = Black 2MM Craft Foam
* Bodies can be cut by hand or with River Road Creation Cutters
* I prefer the Size 12 Beetle Body cutter
Legs = Round Rubber size medium (Black)
Indicator Post = Hi-Vis or bright foam (2mm cut 1/8” wide)

Foam Beetle step-by-step
*Note: The step-by-step does not have the herl rope technique I discribed. I will try to work on a new one soon and add it here so please check back in a couple weeks. Thanks.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Pink Pookie

I've done a couple "Tales from the Vise" articles for Fly Line (The HFFA Newsletter). Here is the latest one I did for them.

Tales From the Vise:
If anyone knows me they know I have a passion for tying flies. I am very proud of the flies that I have developed and created. But this time I’m turning the vise a little. This fly, the Pink Pookie was developed by Dean Reiner of Hatch Finders Trout shop in Livingston Montana. I was lucky enough to be shown how to tie this fly by Dandy Reiner, his daughter and co-owner of the shop. It is a fun fly to tie and a great fly to fish. As a demonstration tier I enjoy tying at events like the HFFA Annual Meeting, Sowbug Roundup and the IFFF Fair. I consider myself a good tier but I am truly amazed and humbled when I get go to an event like Sowbug (60 tables of tiers) and watch and learn from other tiers. If you are a fly tier and can make an event like this, you will not be disappointed. What I really want to say though is this; if you watch other people tie flies, don’t concentrate on the pattern. Concentrate on what they are doing and how they are tying. Learning a new technique rather than a pattern is way more valuable.

Pink Pookie (Tied and picture by Scott Nordby)

Hook = 1X long Dry Fly
Thread = Red  6/0
Under Body = Light Pink 2MM Craft Foam
Over Body = Tan 2MM Craft Foam
* Bodies can be cut by hand or with River Road Creation Cutters
* I prefer the Size 4 Hopper wing for the Pink and the Medium Tapered Chernobyl Ant for the Tan
Wing = Elk or Deer Hair (I prefer Elk cause it lays flatter)
Indicator Post = Hi-Vis or bright foam (2mm cut 1/8” wide)
Legs = Barred Round Rubber size medium ( I like Tarantula legs)
I have a STEP-BY STEP Pdf of this pattern that I did for the Laughing Trout Group.

Friday, April 7, 2017


Hello all you Happy Fly Chuckers,
Well it's said to say that we had our last Chucker meeting of the year. We had a good turn out. Got a picture but unfortunately it was after some had left.

MAY 21 2017
- Scott Weiss has a house on the lake (directions as we get closer)
- Scott has offered the use of his lake shore and picnic table for us to use for lunch.
- Lunch details are in the works
- I know it is early but if you could email me, I will start a list so we have some idea of how many people will be there.


JULY 15 2017
- Scott Nordby will be hosting the first Fly Chucker Summer BBQ and Tying event.
- My wife is away so I must play
- I will have tying tables set up in the garage (out side if weather permits)
- Tying in the morning 9-11:30
- Hamburgers on the grill starting at 12:30-2
- (also Turkey burgers and Veggie burgers, maybe a hot dog or two - no brats!)
- will be working on the menu as we get closer
- if it rains we will go to plan B (plan-B = same thing as plan-A but with a rain coat;-)
- please let me know if you can make this event so I can better plan

Still looking for someone to spear head this event!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Last meeting of the year

Calling all Fly Chuckers
Lets get together for one last meeting. I'm not sure if we have the room or not, but I think we should still meet. We can discuss a couple outings and wrap up this year.
Hope to see you Saturday!
I got this from Sowbug.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Chucker University

Hello All you Happy Fly Chuckers.
If you didn't get to watch Kevin tie last week you missed a real cool fly.

He is going to tie it this week again as a special treat for us all. I am posting a list of materials (I know late as usual) so if you want to bring some materials and tie along that would be great.

KUTA Fly Model A
Material list
*Hook = Gamakatsu B10S size 2/0
Thread = Fly Master+ (210 denier)
Body contains the following;
Grizzly Hackle
Palmer Chenille 
more Bucktail
Eyes = Stick on Eyes 5/16 - 3/8
* Mustad 3366 2/0 will substitute if needed. Size wise it is pretty close but the Gami hook is a much better hook. A lot Sharper. It is worth the money if you are tying flies for yourself. 
Also someone is missing a Small Hair Stacker Base - 
It's in my bag to bring along.
Hope to see you on Saturday.
On a good note, I want to give all the folks at Como Dockside a positive review. Over the last couple weeks they have done a super job understanding us and helping us to to our meeting on time. It was a rocky start but I'm proud of the effort they make for us. Thanks Como Dockside! We do appreciate what you do for us.
Scott Nordby