Monday, July 9, 2018

2nd Annual BBQ Saturday July 14th

Hello Happy Fly Chuckers

July 14th (Saturday) will be our 2nd Annual Chucker BBQ and Tie Along.
9481 Tyler Street NE, Blaine MN 55434
This is a pot luck event so please let me know if you can come and if you are going to bring something.
I will supply the Burgers, Buns, Onions, Cheese, condiments, plates, plastic silverware, and napkins.
If you would prefer to bring your own grilling item that would be perfect also.

We will again be having the garage setup for tying. This years Tie along will the Jack Popper. I will have all the materials needed so just bring your vise and gear. I might have an extra one laying around if needed.

People are welcome to show up as early as 9. Tying will start at 9:30 - 11:30. Lunch at 12:00. You can stay as long as you want or I kick you out lol. You are welcome to tie anything you want. don't feel you have to tie Jack's Popper. After Lunch (maybe 1'ish and weather permitting) we can have casting challenges setup in the back yard.  

Fly tying room tours are available by special request.
Hope to see you all there and please RSVP.
(you can call or text me at 612-819-2139) (* I will not answer calls while at work but can do text)

(If you notice someone that is not on this list and you want to come please forward this.)

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Bead Head McGinty

Bead Head McGinty
Hook:     Mustad 3366 size 8 
Thread:  6/0 Black 
Bead:    1/8 Brass Bead
Lead Wire: .010-.015 lead wire (tuck under the bead to fill hole)
Tail:      Red Antron Yarn
Body:    Yellow and Black Medium Chenille
Hackle  Collar:  Yellow Hackle

before and after steaming
step-by-step link

Thursday, May 3, 2018


Hello Happy Fly Chuckers
JULY 14 2018
BLAINE, MN, 55426

Questionnaire time
(copy and past answers to or respond to email sent)

1) Do you still want to receive these email updates and notifications?
2) Do you want emails about local events or meetings?
3) Do you want blog update notifications thru email?
4) Do you think you will make the BBQ party (Not a commitment just for initial planning)?
We just finished another year of Chuckery. as most of you know we lost our venue choice at Como Dockside. My boss let us use the lunch room at my work to hold our meetings. While we had good turn out, it wasn't great. So I have some questions relating to this. Please be honest I have thick skin.
5) Did you like the location?
6) Did you like breakfast at Perkins?
7) Was it to far away?
8) If you didn't make a meeting, can I ask why?
      Was it to far away?
      Was it to hard to find?
      Where you just to busy?
      Other comments about location
      (I would really like to know so we can do a better job next year if possible)
* I will through in my two cents now to share: I would rather have had a more central location but this seemed to work well. The people that made the meeting seemed to enjoy it. Sad that more didn't make it. I did prefer Perkins over the high priced Como Dockside (and we had create waitresses that were really helpful!) . In fairness My favorite was still Black Bear's menu, food, Apple Rollover. I want to try to make it better to get more people to the meetings. I am very open to other venues, if someone wants to do the groundwork for contact, and checking it out. Don't just tell me without doing the ground work as my time is limited and I'm not good cold calling.

Thank you to all you Fly Chuckers for making our group a great fly tying and fishing group.
I hope we can make 2018/2019 season even better.

If you have any outing ideas you want to help put together I'm sure others will help and I will pass that information along after I make an event email list based on the information recieved above.

Happy Fishing
Send pictures for the blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Check back soon for step-by-step of my new fly "Flame-Out"
New Fly “FlameOut”.
Designed for Minnesota Crappie and Sunfish.
Hook= B10S 6 (or 3366)
Weight= .030 Lead Wire (or Lead Free)
Thread= Red 6/0
Tail= Red Antron Yarn
Body= White Kraken Dubbing
Collar= Hot Pink Kraken Dubbing
Head= Red Thread
(step by step pictures on my facebook page)

Friday, April 6, 2018


Hello Happy Fly Chuckers
Fly Chucker Meeting this Saturday. (see location and times below)
7:30-8:40 at Perkins in Edina (off of 50th and 100)
9:00-11 or so we are now meeting at my work (for February)
7430 Oxford Street, St. Louis Park, MN 55426 (Mid-City Precision)  

Back from Sowbug.
140 tiers this year. Weather was great. Company was great. Sowbug was great!
Hope next year more Chuckers can make it down.
Maybe we can rent a bus and all go together LOL
** Note: next year Sowbug is March 28, 29,30 (mark your calendars)

Greatwaters Expo was a very good this year. We had 20 tables of tyers and they where full most of the time. I hope you all got to come and enjoy. 
GREATWATERS EXPO 2018 (Saturday)

Thursday, March 15, 2018

2018 Great Waters Expo Flies

Hello Happy Fly Chuckers!
Here are the Material list for the flies I will be tying at Expo.
Check back to this as I hope to have links to the step by steps. But I want to try this instead of killing a lot of trees and hauling a lot of paper.
Thanks for stopping by and watching me tie!!!!
(* if you use one of my flies - Please send me pictures of fish you caught :-)

Pink Seducer
Hook: Size 6 Heavy Scud Hood
Thread:     Red 6/0 Thread
Body: Medium Pink Ultra Wire
Thorax: Ice Dub - Pheasant Tail color
Hackle:     Hen Saddle Any Medium Color

Collar      Ice Dub - Pheasant Tail color
Step by Step Link Pink Seducer

Jack’s House Fly (Jack’s Popper)
Hook = Mustad 3366 size 6
Thread = 6/0 (Jack prefers Red)
Body = 1MM foam attached to 2MM sticky back foam
NOTE: I’m cutting the foam equal to the gap (5/16” on size 6)
Legs = Medium Round Rubber (2" long and split in groups of 2)
Step by Step Link  Jack Popper

Pink Pookie
Hook = 1X long Dry Fly
Thread = Red  6/0
Under Body = Light Pink 2MM Craft Foam
Over Body = Tan 2MM Craft Foam
* Bodies can be cut by hand or with River Road Creation Cutters
* I prefer the Size 4 Hopper wing for the Pink and the Medium Tapered Chernobyl Ant for the Tan
Wing = Elk or Deer Hair
Indicator Post = Hi-Vis or bright foam (2mm cut 1/8” wide)
Legs = Barred Round Rubber size medium ( I like Tarantula legs)
Step by Step Link  Pink Pookie

Just Eat Me
Hook = Size 8 Wet Fly Hook (Mustad 3399)  ( 1X long if using a bead)
Weight= .025 Lead wire approx 12 wraps (on center)
Thread = Black  6/0
Tail = Yellow Marabou (add 4 – 6 strands of Flashabou)
Body = Black Medium Chenille
Hackle = Grizzly hackle (wet fly grade from hen neck or saddle)
Designed as a fly for panfish, there is no reason this would not entice a nice trout or two. Try some different colors also (trout Black tail).
(** See previous post for step by step
Step by Step previous Post link = Just Eat Me
Step by Step Link  ** working on printable version

Pink Squirrel
Hook = 14 or 16 Heavy Scud Hook
Bead = Tungsten Gold Bead 2.4MM
Thread = Tan 8/0
Rib = Gold or Red Small Wire
Body = Natural Squirrel Dub
Thorax = Pink Dubbing
Step by Step Link  ** not available yet

Sunny Dragon Bubble Eye
Hook = Mustad 3366 or equivalent, Size 6
Thread = 6/0 Thread (any color)
Eyes = 1/8 Bead Chain (medium) (painted white or silver)
Tail = Krystal Flash ( 6-8 strands) Red is a good color for panfish
Body = Sea Dragon Dubbing (chartreuse and black leech)
Head = Ice Dub (Peacock)
Step by Step Link  Sunny Dragon Bubble Eye

Sunny Chumb (b is silent :-) (Red and Chartreuse)
Hook = 3366 size 8
Thread = 6/0 Red (Chartruese)
Eyes = Small Black Bead Chain
Tail = Fine Round Rubber - Red (Chartreuse)
Rib = Mirco Polar Chenille - UV Red (Chartreuse)
Body = Red Ultra Chenille (Chartreuse)
** This Micro Polar Chenille is a wonderfull material I make this Sunny Chumb in a wide variety of colors
Chartruese, Pearl, Black UV, Yellow are my other favorites. 
Step by Step Link  Sunny Chumb

This is a link to my outline for my Advanced foam tying presentation
Link = Advanced Foam tying Synopsis PDF

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Pink Seducer

Pink Seducer
Hook = Size 6 Heavy Scud hook (500)
Thread = 6/0 - Red
Wire = Medium Ultra Wire - Pink

Thorax = Ice Dub - Pheasant Tail color
Hackle = Hen Saddle Any Medium Color
Collar = Ice Dub - Pheasant Tail color
Head = Red thread

I clamp the hook in the vise so the area by the eye is horizontal  to help when wrapping the hackle. Tie your jam knot leave one eye length back from the eye. Warp back so you are two eye lengths back.

Tie in the Medium Pink Ultra Wire on the side closest to you and wrap it down the shank. Wrap down 2/3  of the shank. Then wrap the thread back up to three eye lengths back from the eye.

Wrap the wire (in touching turns) up the shank to 3 eye lengths back from the eye. This will give the fly the weight it needs and create the body. Catch the wire in and tie it off. Clip off excess wire. Remember to stay clear of the no encroach zone (one eye length back).
Hint: I try to make the area the wire is tied in at level and even for a straight winding area for the hackle.

Make a small ball of dubbing from 3 eye lengths back to 2 eye lengths back. This dubbing ball will help keep the hackle up while stripping the fly back in.

Remove the fluff from the lower stem of the hackle and tie it in. remember to use the same rule as above (even and only to the no encroach area).

Wind two or three warps of hackle. Hint: gently fold back the hackle around the stem before wrapping it in.

Tie off the hackle (you will now be in the no encroach area). Trim off the excess hackle.

Dub a collar just in front and tight to the hackle. (You should have the hackle trapped between dubbing collars. 2 or 3 wraps of dubbing should be enough.

Create a small thread head right behind the eye. Whip finish or half hitch.
Note: I do cement or lacquer the head to keep the Sunnies from tearing it apart.

Flish - I leave this sink into the fishes zone. They will usually hit it on the fall. If no hits, I will jerk it forward and leave it fall again. You can also use a medium speed jerk retrieve.

Thursday, March 8, 2018


Hello Happy Fly Chuckers!
Well tis the end of another year for Fly Chuckery. We had a good year but sadly many where not able to attend this year. We were able to meet at the Perkins in Edina for Breakfast and then take a quick trip over to my work and use the lunchroom for our meetings. maybe this was out of the way for many, but it turned out to be a good venue.

The HFFA show is done for another year. Mark your calendars for Feb 15-17 2019 for the 45th anniversary show. Tim Landwehr, Blane Chocklett, and George Daniel will headline. If you did miss this year you missed my two presentations. They turned out very good.

Below is a list of the Fly Tiers featured in my presentation "The Art In Fly Tying". I had several people ask for this. I had copies made but sadly they did not make the trip :-(

Upcoming March 16-18 is Great Waters Expo at Hamline University. It should be a great show also. Friday I am doing a program on Advanced Foam Tying. Hope you can come, watch, and learn.
!!!!!!!!! I AM STILL IN NEED OF SOME FLY TIERS FOR EXPO !!!!!!!! Please contact me if you are interested. Remember free admission with 4 hours served LOL.

Tuesday after Expo its time to head for Sowbug in Arkansas. Maybe next year we can all rent a buss and go together LOL. Seriously if you are a Fly Tyer, Sowbug is 3 days of nothing but fly tying. this year there are 140 different tiers! (Email me if you want more info).

Again Thanks for a wonderful year of Chuckery. Please keep checking back at the blog. I promise to try to post a lot more often. Send me pictures to post.


Link to "The Art In Fly Tying" presentation information page.
The Art in Fly Tying information page