Friday, April 10, 2015

Thanks For your Help and a Great Year.

Hello All you Happy Fly Chuckers.
With the end of the Sports Show and the ice off the lakes, it is sad to say our official Fly Chuckers meeting have come to an end for this year. I would like to thank everyone how helped out throughout this last year. Thanks Mike and Brian for letting us get chicken parts all over you houses when we had nowhere else to meet. It was so greatly appreciated. Thanks to all those that helped out at the 2015 Great Waters Expo and the 2015 Northwest Sports Show. I would also like to thank a special group of brave soles that drove down to Iowa for the Hawkeye Show. It would not have been the same getting Charlene without you there!
I don't know how to express my gratitude to all of the Fly Chuckers for being such a wonderful group of people. The best way I know is by saying' I'm glad to be a fellow Chucker!

We have a Panfish outing set for June 7th  in the Chisago lakes area. Sounds like the majority of us will be on Kroon lake. A nice small lake with lots of room and great for tubes and float boats (towing services maybe provided). We will fish in the morning, then do lunch, and then fish some more. Can't wait.

Hopefully someone of the Smallmouth fishing arena will setup a club float. Please let me know so I can post it.

Thanks again and may you all have a wonderful fishing season.

I am doing the flies of the week for May at the Laughing Trout meetings on Wednesday nights in May. Here are the patterns of the flies I will be Teaching/Demonstrating.

I Have to tie my new signature fly the "Red Rubber Monkey Butt"
Hook = Mustad 3366 size 8  
Bead = 1/8 Bright Brass  
Black 6/0 thread  
Tail = Fine Red Rubber  
Butt = Small Chenille in Red (Med will work but I prefer Small) (I like a Raylon type, I want the but to be soft and to me Ultra chenille is to hard)  
Rib = Small Silver Holographic Tinsel  
Body = Black Flat Wax Nylon,or 210 denier UTC Black Thread, or Black floss, (I use this to quickly cover the body instead of thread *faster)  
I have been making these Bullet proof by using a Thin UV glue on the Body (Hydro or simular) (I preffer a brush applicator) But Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails works also.  
Collar = Back Hackle collar (I prefer the Chinese necks and Hen Necks because they are cheap and a little webber and I like that)
Sunny Chum
Hook = 3366 size 8
Thread = 6/0 Red
Eyes = Small Black Bead Chain (2.4mm)
Tails = Fine Red Rubber (1-5/16” long)
Body = Red Ultra Chenille
Rib = Red UV Micro Polar Chenille
* Fold Rubber over thread to create tails  

Sunny Dragon Bubble Eye  
Material list
Hook = Mustad 3366 size 6
Eyes = Med Bead Chain (color of choose I like the Painted Bead Chain in White and Pink, also basic silver is good)
Thread = 6/0 Color to match
Tail = Krystal Flash (I like Red)
Body = Sea Dragon Dubbing  *My favorite color for panfish is Chartreuse (Seno Lazer dub with the rubber legs is close)  
Special thanks to our friend "Mad Scientist" at Fly Tyers Dungeon for coming up with such a wonderful material.  
(I am planning on having my "Dubbing Tray" available - This has been a big hit) (FTD does have dealer pricing)  
Head = UV Ice Dub (I like the Peacock color)  
STP frog body cutter..
Hook = mustad 3366 2/0
Thread for weed guard = White flat waxed nylon (Optional)
Thread body = red flymaster+ or uni "big fly b"
Weed guard = 20lb hard mason (Optional i will not be tying that in class)
Body = foam cut to shape (use river road creations stp frog cutter )
Back legs = 4 strands medium round rubber * knotted for joint
Front legs = 2 or 3 strands of medium round rubber
Eyes = foam cylinders glued on
Option for legs = Silli Leg or Silicone Skirt Material  

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