Monday, June 20, 2011

1st trip on the Snake on 06/13/2011

The weather rock at my put-in point was half open, meaning the conditions for a float were ideal. Rowed across the river, past the island and on the 4th cast with a gray square head counted coup on a 16 incher. Poppers and greyish brown weighted nymphs worked all day. Cast to the bank in back eddies that were near fast and deeper water. Action was not "hot' but steady and satisfying; especially for the 1st float of the season. However....I really feel it. Must note to stay in better shape over the next winter. Winds were upstream at 15-20 knots-made for interesting boat handling! Tracy had a trout fishing friend from Reno in his 2-man Outcast. They did well, also.

Phil E

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