Friday, June 17, 2011

Big Bass

I caught this 21 inch largemouth bass on a Wiggle Minnow in 10 feet of water. I was  using sinking fly line while fishing outside the weed line in a lake this spring. I have had good luck with the wiggle minnow in spring and summer, not so much in the fall. In fall, the fish may be looking for bigger meals. I have had success with northern, small and largemouth bass.   Wiggle Minnow tying instructions This is the link to the tying instructions for this fly. I tie them in white, chartreuse, and black. The tail must be kept thin or the fly will not wiggle. I use the longest craft fur fibers and crystal flash for the tail. The fly can also be used in still and moving water with floating fly line. With  floating line, fish it like a diver. Strip it and it will wiggle and dive, stop and it will float to the surface. In moving water this is a good way to fish parallel to the bank. I have had great fun with smaller bass using a 1/4 inch wiggle minnow. Hold it in the head of a pool just below a riffle and catch one bass after another.


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