Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hello Happy Fly Tiers!
Lets fill our box with one of the most popular flys on the market today, the Chernobyl Ant!
Actually it was popular about 8 years ago but I am out and need to tie more and Grace wanted to tie Foam :-)
I will bring plenty of 1/4" foam strips, more than enough pre-cut bodies and the press to cut out thousands of bodies( bring your favorite foam I have some scraps also).
There are many ways to tie this fly, so bring yours so we all can learn.
Would be helpful for you to bring the following -
A) your sense of humor
B) 6/0 Black Thread (3/0 or Flymaster+ are okay also)
C) Hooks (I will bring plenty of Mustad 9672 size 6 - 3x long Streamer hook)
Chernobyl Ant (Tied by Scott Nordby)

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