Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thank the Minnesota weather!

Couple of updates;
The Fly Chuckers will be extending out meetings for the first three weeks in April. Thanks to this lovely weather we are having. Also, we do have the meeting room for the weekend of the Northwest Sports Show so feel free to use it.
Northwest Sports Show;
If any one wants to come and tie at the Northwest Sports show, we would love to have you. There are no rules. Tie what ever you want. I have people that come down and tie for themselves to fill there box and tiers that tie quick flies to give away. It is totally up to you. I will have Red Licorice to share (we live off Licorice and Cheez-it's).  If you are tying at the show, you will be able to pick up a pass at the "Will Call" booth. They will be under "Discover Flyfishing"
We are making some good steps toward getting the Expo and the other local shows on different dates that should make everyone happy and be able to enjoy all the shows. Thanks to all those that are working toward this. There was a email that went out from the NSC (National Sports Center) having the date for the Expo on Feb 20-22. This is not correct. A lot of communication has been happening  and it appears that a different date has been selected.
Fun picture from the past (2002). My brother Jason (left), my Dad (center)  and Me (Scott, right) with a nice group of Sunfish (2002)

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