Friday, June 9, 2017

Pink Pookie

I've done a couple "Tales from the Vise" articles for Fly Line (The HFFA Newsletter). Here is the latest one I did for them.

Tales From the Vise:
If anyone knows me they know I have a passion for tying flies. I am very proud of the flies that I have developed and created. But this time I’m turning the vise a little. This fly, the Pink Pookie was developed by Dean Reiner of Hatch Finders Trout shop in Livingston Montana. I was lucky enough to be shown how to tie this fly by Dandy Reiner, his daughter and co-owner of the shop. It is a fun fly to tie and a great fly to fish. As a demonstration tier I enjoy tying at events like the HFFA Annual Meeting, Sowbug Roundup and the IFFF Fair. I consider myself a good tier but I am truly amazed and humbled when I get go to an event like Sowbug (60 tables of tiers) and watch and learn from other tiers. If you are a fly tier and can make an event like this, you will not be disappointed. What I really want to say though is this; if you watch other people tie flies, don’t concentrate on the pattern. Concentrate on what they are doing and how they are tying. Learning a new technique rather than a pattern is way more valuable.

Pink Pookie (Tied and picture by Scott Nordby)

Hook = 1X long Dry Fly
Thread = Red  6/0
Under Body = Light Pink 2MM Craft Foam
Over Body = Tan 2MM Craft Foam
* Bodies can be cut by hand or with River Road Creation Cutters
* I prefer the Size 4 Hopper wing for the Pink and the Medium Tapered Chernobyl Ant for the Tan
Wing = Elk or Deer Hair (I prefer Elk cause it lays flatter)
Indicator Post = Hi-Vis or bright foam (2mm cut 1/8” wide)
Legs = Barred Round Rubber size medium ( I like Tarantula legs)
I have a STEP-BY STEP Pdf of this pattern that I did for the Laughing Trout Group.

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