Wednesday, March 23, 2022


Hello Happy Fly Chuckers! Here is the step by step PDF for my Flame Out Crappie fly. I showed this off at our Great Waters Expo this last weekend, and it will be one of my primary flies down at Sowbug March 24-26 2022 in Mountian Home Arkansas.
Link to Flame out PDF Flame OUT

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Vintage Vises an Kits at Expo

** Found this in the drafts folder and it neve got posted n- so here is a blast from the last expo before Covid.
Hello Happy Fly Tyers!
Well Great Waters Expo is done for 2019. What a great show this year. I was happy to have a good portion of my Vintage Vice collection at Expo. I talked to a lot of people about it. So much so that between running video for presentations and the Vintage vises, I only got three flies tied (maybe 4 lol). Now it's not to early to start figuring out how to improve on it for next year.
Unfortunately I don't think I'll have room to bring it down to SowBug (probably no room to set it up anyway).

Thursday, March 3, 2022


 Hello Happy Fly Chuckers.

Well, we closed down another restaurant! We had our last meeting at the Edina Perkins this last Saturday. We seem to have an awful time with finding a place to meet and having it last. I guess in 22 years we can't expect to be in the same spot. There were seven of us for breakfast and just a handful back to the shop for some tying. (Here ore some pictures from out last Breakfast. In case you missed it "Breakin g the News on Kare 11 did a story on the closing and our favorite waitress Kris was the star, but a very sad day for her. 44 years she was there).

 So ---- We need to find a new place. Lets try the Perkins off Louisiana and 394. It is still close to work.
I have to do some personal work at the shop on Saturday. So lets meet for breakfast at the Perkins and then if you want you can come to the shop and tie (I will be working on a machine flinging chips lol).

Please let me know if you are interested and planning on coming to Perkins

7:30 - 8:45
Perkins (394 and Louisiana Ave S)
6920 W Wayzata Blvd, Golden Valley, MN 55426 

Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Hello Happy Fly Chuckers!
Do to the recent developments with the Corona Virus, the decision was made to cancel the rest of the Fly Chucker meeting for the rest of the season. I'm very sad to have to do this but it is best for now.
In case you live under the big rock down by the creek;
 * Great Waters Expo has been Canceled
 * Sowbug in Arkansas has been Canceled
 * FFI is pushing to cancel all FFI sponsored events
 * My Fly Tying classes in Duluth in April have been canceled
 * Northwest Sports Show has been canceled.
I feel Pretty Lucky that we got the HFFA event in a couple weekends ago. A good time was had by all that attended.
I had been working hard on my Dubbing Trays to have enough for the shows, which means I have a bunch available if anyone is interested

Ryan had a couple old Herter's Catalogs for me to look at and I snapped a couple pictures for the 1956 edition.

I also did a Realistic Cricket ("Mead Cricket") that sold in the live auction at HFFA. Thanks Lance for your donation :-)

I hope to do some more posting while we are on lock-down so keep checking back.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Fly's for Passport students at Greatwaters Expo

Hello Happy Fly Chuckers!
We were asked as a group if we would be interested in tying up some panfish fly's for the kids that are learning to fly fish and taking the youth class at the Great Waters Expo. I thought it would be a good cause and be worth our while. So at our next meeting on March 14 (** no meeting March 7th unless you want to travel down to Dubuque Iowa). If you would like to participate and that would be helpful and appreciated, but not required or frowned upon if you don't. Totally your choice. The two flies we talked abut was the Panfish Popper (size 10) and the Wolly Bugger (size 8). I have added links to step-by-step instructions for these two flies. The goal would be a least 60 flies. That would give them at least 2 each (one of each). Last year they had 30 students.
I think the people that asked us will be asking other groups also to get them a good start.
(you are welcome to tie your own variations if you prefer)
(pictures and instruction courtesy of Paul Johnson)
Panfish Popper
Wooly Bugger
If the links don't work or you are having trouble, just email Scott directly and I will send them out to you (