Monday, April 18, 2016


Hello Happy Fly Chuckers,
Just got back from Sowbug Roundup 2016 in Mountain Home Arkansas. What a great time! As a fly tier, this was such a great time. I was invited to tie and it was an honor to tie along some of the finest tiers in the country. The trip down was nice, other then the flat tire after I was there. Two new front tires later, everything went well. I think I was the only Minnesotan down there, but I had a great cheering section from the Iowa HFFA group. I got a lot of great flies that I need to add to my collection and will post some of them here as I get them tied (along with the appropriate credit to the person who showed me).
One highlight was spending about an hour with Roxanne and Terry Wilson. I got one of his new creations and we talked about the Bully Spider (I have 3 dozen with rubber that is too short :-( lol). They would like to come up and be a part of Expo. I've started that ball rolling.
It was a great show for me! I met and started up a friendship with fellow realistic tier Mike Morphew from England (now living in Texas) and Expert Tier Chris Reeves from the UK.

***** Can't wait to go back next year !!!!!!