Saturday, November 9, 2019

Guess that Vise #1

Hello Happy Fly Chuckers!
I started at new game on face book. If you follow me on Facebook please check it out.
The Game is Guess that Vise. I posted a silhouette shadow picture of a vise and you have to guess what it is. There are extra points for guessing some of the added features. I am posting the real pictures and info about the vise here.
The first vise is a two part guess. The vise is a Herter's #9 Pedestal with the 4 Cup tray. It is in the oldest Herters catalog from 1948 and in the 1976 one also. In the 1948 catalog it is listed as Model 9DSP (Deluxe Satin Chrome / Pedestal Base) or 9DCP (Deluxe Brightly Polised Chrome / Pedestal Base) ($3.40). In 1976 it is listed as Model T9GHL ($6.77)

This is a fun vise and I still use it. it had some weaknesses or faults though. The Herter's Model #9 was closely mimicked or copied from the Thompson Model A which was the first lever style vise. The vise can be found and had for a very reasonable cost. It holds the hook extremely well. the biggest problem with this setup is that the base is very light weight. It becomes top heavy and moves around a lot. Being unstable you really need to keep your hand up helping to support the hook. One thing I did to help was screw it to a board (There are holes in the bottom of the cups that you can screw thru). Once it is more secure it is a fun vise to use. 
If you guessed correctly on the facebook page, congratulations. If not you can try again next time.

All though Herter's did copy this vise from Thompson, so did almost everyone else making it the most widely used vise. But he also made a lot of improvements and special features and add-on's. The 4 compartment base is a great item.

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